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Willa Marta - Dr Kołączkowski's guest house, built in the years 1886 -1888. The offer for guests included 15 rooms, the kitchen, the dining room for one hundred people and administration offices were located on the ground floor.

The menu served in Marta was prepared by a doctor:

  • for breakfast visitors were served sweet or sour milk, rolls or wholemeal bread, butter, honey, coffee, tea, cocoa, or hot chocolate;
  • for lunch and afternoon snack, guests were offered a glass of sweet milk, eggs, ham or a schnitzel, and a bread roll;
  • dinner came as two meat dishes with vegetables, broth/soup, dessert or compote;
  • the supper menu was similar to the morning one, cold or hot meats were sometimes additionally served.

The price for meals did not include alcoholic beverages - cognac, wine, beer, porter, and rum - they were served for an additional fee. The meals were served at set times at a common table, guests were summoned to meals by a sound of a bell.

Special atmosphere and a special social air which Dr Joseph and Marta Kołączkowscy, and then their grandson, Zbigniew, were able to create in Marta had this result that visitors of the villa occupied their thoughts not with treatments of their ailments only. It was here that Professor Juliusz Edwin Kleiner /1886-1957/, a historian and a literary theorist who spent each season at the villa, wrote his scientific treatises. Zygmunt Wasylewski /1869-1948/, a publicist and a literary critic, in August 1923 wrote here short stories about séances. They were later compiled in a collection entitled Pod urokiem zaświatów [Under the Spell of the Otherworld]. Ada Sari /1886-1968/ gave concerts here, the villa also saw performances from such celebrities as Ewa Bandrowska-Turska and Lena Żelichowska, an actress enjoying huge popularity. Professor Kleiner's table in Marta's drawing room was a meeting point for all men of letters and artists staying in Szczawnica at the same time, who flocked to the villa to engage in philosophic disputes, recite poetry and fragments of literature. Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz was a frequent guest at these meetings. In 1969, the villa was sold to the Trade Union of Workers of Culture and Art. Since then, the rooms of the villa hosted an entire plethora of artists of Warsaw stages and from other cities, opera singers, writers, and journalists.

In 2007, Willa Marta changes hands to become the property of Andrzej Mańkowski, a grandson to Count Adam Stadnicki. The endeavours of the Mańkowski family concentrated on restoring the object to its former grandeur with respect to historical detail. Willa Marta is an extraordinary place where the spirit of the past discretely intertwines with modernity. Marta's air does not consist only of the stylish architecture combined with the beauty of its surrounding landscape, but also of the building's history

Text includes fragment of a guide entitled „Spacerkiem po starej Szczawnicy i Rusi Szlachtowskiej" [Walking around Szczawnica and Shlakht ov Ruthenia] by Barbara Alina Węglarz

ul. Główna, 34-460 Szczawnica

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