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Skontaktuj się z nami: +48 18 262 22 70

For Kids


In our Villa we take care of all our guests, especially the youngest ones. In their possession we give a colorful playroom - full of soft stuffed animals, fantastic creatures and cars, fabulous pads, pencils and pastels.

Playroom is adjacent to the restaurant, so adults can spend a nice time while the little ones indulge in the pleasure of fun.


We invite you to organize:

  • Sunday family dinners
  • Birthday parties
  • Carnivals for children
  • Celebrate the end of school year

Small Menu

In the Villa Marta restaurant also our little guests can choose something for themselves. Specially selected menu with the best ingredients and the variety of dishes prepared with the utmost attention to little tummies will make many poor eaters to eat with the great pleasure.


Clear broth with noodles
Tomato soup with A,B,C noodles
Vegetable soup with noodles

Main Dishes

Coated little chicken breast served with French fries, fresh salad and ketchup
Golden fish fingers (100% fish) with potatoes or French fries and fresh salad
Rice with roasted apples, chocolate and whipped cream
Pancakes with apples, sugar powder and cinnamon

For very polite children

Tasteful ice-cream cup with whipped cream and chocolate sauce
Pancake rolls with white cheese, chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Fruit salad with ice-cream and whipped cream

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+48 18 262 22 70

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